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posted: 12/31/2018

Please note date change!

(it was originally March 06-11)

an Kathan 2019

intensive drum workshop

March 04 - 10, 2019

6 Day Drum Workshop with Herman Kathan

Join Herman Kathan and AZ Drum and Dance in an exclusive 6 day workshop where we will learn and play traditional West African Djembé music. Through a duration of 6 days (5 full days, and 2 half days), this course offers many special opportunities, in particular, playing together in a consistent group to multiply the enormous potential inherent in this music. Apart from extensive daily music-making, we will explore simple techniques which will deepen our ability to groove together as musicians. Our sense of hearing, for example, can acquire a large degree of rhythmic clarity with these exercises.

The possibility of engaging with this vast field of rhythms together with a manageable number of co-musicians, embedded in daily experiences such as relaxation, eating, and cooking together, is unusual, and one you will not want to miss. Let's play together.

The location of the workshop will be at the High Jinks Ranch near Oracle, AZ again. A rustic and beautiful Ranch along side the Arizona Trail. There are only a limited number of bedrooms available and no bunk beds, so sleeping will require participants sharing rooms and possibly bringing. mattresses. Tent camping is encouraged and campers receive a discounted price. There are numerous camping areas.

Herman Kathan

As a musician, composer and teacher, Herman Kathan focuses on percussive traditions from West Africa, South and Central America and Asia. His 35 year musical career has engaged him in intense study of West African Malinke, Brazilian Candomblé, Berimbao grooves, Krin rhythms, Cuban conga music and Ugandan Amadinda music. In addition to detailed musical knowledge, Herman Kathan can impart insights into the mental and philosophical structures of this music. As a musician he has founded and directs various ensembles, most notably Busch-Werk and Tympana, and has performed and toured with Mamady Keita, Famoudou Konaté, Soungalo Coulibaly, and Nippy Noya. Herman lives in Germany and teaches and tours throughout Europe.

Prerequisites for participation

The course level is oriented to participants that have achieved intermediate Djembé training. Comparable training with other percussion instruments as well as an intermediate/advanced level of performance on hand drums and experience with rhythm also forms a good basis for participation.

For more information and registration call Lorin at 480 251 5351 or send email to